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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How often can I use Forward My Listing for a Real Estate Related Service

We allow one time per month for Real Estate Related Services. If your selling real estate you can use our service unlimited, there is no limit.

Q2. Does Forward My Listing allow recruitment flyers?

We did in the past. Unfortunately we no longer allow recruitment flyers.

Q3. My Photos are not uploading!

Your photos are to big . Please email us your photos and we will resize them. Service@forwardmylisting.com

Q4. Will my campaign reach the recipient inbox?

Yes it will, please add our email " Newlisting@forwardmylisting.com" to your email address book.

Q5. I want to start a campaign for (Commercial/Residential). How do I get started?

Begin by selecting the campaign type you would like ( Statewide, Nationwide or Worldwide). Then you will create your user account. Once you are logged into your account, simply follow the prompts to the template pages or you can upload your own real estate flyer.

Q6. Can I upload my own flyer?

Yes, you can upload your own flyer using “JPG, GIF, or PNG” or you can use our template to create your own. Both are easy to use.

Q7. Does Forward My Listing have a phone number?

Yes we do 1-877-237-4512

Q8. Will I be notified when the email is sent?

Yes, you will receive an email stating "Your Order is Complete" Also you will receive a copy of your campaign in your email.

Q9. How long will it take for my listing to be emailed once I complete the order?

That is up to you. There is a calendar in which you can select the day/date you would like your campaigned to be sent out to our database. Once your order is placed, we will quickly review it and click on your links to make sure they work and then approve it to be emailed.

Q10. I’m an Investor can I advertise my properties with ForwardMyListing?

Yes you can! Many investors use our services.

Q11. Can my campaign be sent out over the weekend ?

Of course it can! Our system will not let you schedule for a weekend delivery but please send us an email stating you want your campaign sent out over the weekend along with your order number at : Service@forwardmylisting.com

Q12. How often is the ForwardMyListing database updated?

Our database is updated daily by our staff.

Q13. Do you have templates for me to use?

Yes, we have very easy to use templates available. Instructions are also available in every template.

Q14. I Use Outlook for my mailing system why when I receive campaigns the margins are off?

Generally though if it's Outlook on a desktop we do see a TON of display problems with these. To give some insight, Outlook tends to be a bit odd when it comes to the way it renders things. Sometimes the images look out of place, margins are off, there are random spaces throughout the email, etc. Without getting overly nerdy, Outlook actually uses Microsoft Word to render emails. Since Word was never designed to render HTML, it doesn't know a lot of common HTML language that other email clients do. It will often ignore HTML directions for images (sizing and placement most often).

Q15. Do you have an investor database?

Yes, our database is 50% investors which includes owners and developers, and 50% is brokers/agents.

Q16. How many recipients are in your database?

We have over 540,000 recipients in our database, it continues to grow daily.

Q17. Are there any other costs or charges?

We have no other costs or charges involved. We have no account fees, no set up costs and no minimums.

Q18. How many times will my listing be emailed?

One time per order. If you'd like to send out again you must order again in which you can make changes to the previous orders.

Q19. How much does it cost to email a commercial or residential real estate listing?

Nationwide Commercial campaigns are $75 or pick a single state for only $45, or you can chose to send your commercial campaign worldwide for just $120. Residential campaigns nationwide are $65 or you can choose to send to a single state for just $35, or you can chose to send your residential campaign worldwide for just $120.

You are the nicest people I've dealt with in long time. Love this service. Gonna do another one tmw for another listing.

Charles Christopher Lynn, P.A.
Broker Associate (Lang Realty)

I just want to say that I really love your service! It’s been so helpful to me and I look forward to many years of a great working relationship!

Janice Newman
Broker (Boca Home Realty)

Forward My Listing is the best! So happy a friend of ours referred us :) We send campaigns every week and we keep getting great feedback and closing more deals a month! THANK YOU!

Nationwide Title & Closing

I love this company, it's easy to use, affordable and worth every penny. I receive many responses from buyers and agents about my listings. Every listing I get I use this company to spread my listing with others.

Douglas Elliman Real Estate

Excellent customer service, I was impressed with their customer service team.

Keller Williams Realty

I'm an Investor and I purchase property in bulks and resale. I purchase the worldwide campaign. I use Forwardmylisting to market my properties and it has been successful for my team and me.

Hedge Fund Corp.

I've been searching for something like this for years to help get my listings sold, when I discovered Forwardmylisting through a colleague I decided to give them a try, and it was worth it, my phone would not stop ringing which I enjoyed. This service also brought me other listings from developers and investors and got my listing sold.

Beachfront Realty Inc.

I've been using ForwardMyListing for quite some time now, and its one of the best resources I've ran into that get my commercial listings sold and their prices are incredible for the results I receive with the nationwide campaign!

Marcus & Millichap Real Estate

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